Creative Designer


I specialise in print and digital design.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Alisha Naeem

Having graduated from UAL in 2014, I shortly set up my own design agency and undertook a number of freelance work with some exciting, high-profile clients.

Currently I am employed, working on a breadth of projects; from events and fundraisers to digital campaigns.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find points of tension behind the idea I’ve been assigned or am interested in. I do several iterations on each point and usually end up refining the one I find most impactful.

For me, impact isn’t about instigation, but rather, a way to arrest your audience. It’s a way to plant a little bit of desire in their hearts; a yearning to turn the page and learn more about your idea. Ultimately, it’s about creating memorable experiences.